Nominees 2017

There are 5 Committee positions up for election at the 2017 AGM.

The 2017 WACAN Committee Nominees are:

Brenton Hewitt

Brenton Hewitt – hewball

Brenton has been in and around the Perth IT community since 2001, having started work as a support technician for the South-West Regional Schools district before moving in 2006 to an operational role at a well known ISP. He currently works as the IT Manager for a local not-for-profit organisation.

Shane Short

Shane Short – Shorty

Having worked across a variety of roles in IT and associated industries for many years, Shane co-founded his own web hosting company in 2008. Prior to this, he held a number of technical positions at a leading Perth ISP. As a technology enthusiast with a keen creative mind, he continues to donate his time and services to other not-for-profit groups throughout WA.

Trent Lloyd width=

Trent Lloyd – Lathiat


Brad Peczka

Brad Peczka – AzzKikr

Fuelled primarily by coffee, Brad has covered a wide variety of roles throughout his career in the technology industry. With previous positions at systems integrators and consulting firms, he currently holds a senior technical position at a large international company, and has also served on the committees of various local non-profit organisations since 2005.

Name of Nominee

David Spruce – DoubleDave

Before working in IT, David was well known around the industry as a volunteer for events and conventions around Perth. Kickstarting his career as a Team Leader for a well known ISP in their customer support team, he has spent the last 6 years working as an Systems Engineer in the construction and resource sectors and is currently employed by a global energy company..

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