Our Network

The Community Access Network (CAN) consists largely of long range links spanning a combined length of many hundreds of kilometers. It’s an open and educational network - and we encourage all members to get involved!

Partner With Us

WACAN relies on the generosity of selected partners (and our members!) to continue the growth of our CAN and the services it can offer. If you're interested in hearing more about partnering with WACAN, please get in touch!

How Does It Work?

Wi-Fi? BGP? SNR? Acronym overload? No worries! We're here to help you find out more about what the Community Access Network (CAN) is, how it all works, and why you should get involved!

Interested In Joining?

If you'd like to partipate in making WACAN even better, why not get in contact with us about becoming a member!


WACAN is a non-profit community organisation founded to provide positive environment for our members to learn and experiment with all facets of networking and radio telecommunications.

Our Partners