How to Contact Us


Regardless of whether you’re looking to join the CAN, or if you’re just curious about what we do, the best way to contact us is via Discord. Discord provides a simple interface for you to have a chat to us and see what we’re about– then, if you’re interested in getting involved, one of our members can forward you an application link. It’s that easy!

If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s basically real time group-based instant messaging. To make things easy, Discord have a web based client or you can install the App on your computer.


If Discord isn’t your thing, we also have some web forums, so you can ask questions, help out, or post pictures of cats (we don’t mind).


If you prefer email, we’re available via

In person

We’ll be doing public events where you can come down and meet the crew and get some hands on experience with some of the things we do. Check out our Event Calendar to see when we’re next allowed outside.


We also have a telephone, and you can reach it on +61 8 9463 6681.


For letters, packages or parcels, our postal address is:

[Name of member or committee]
PO Box 3052


Keep up to date with our community news via Facebook and Twitter – or get involved with the various WACAN Teams on places like PVOutput and Strava!

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