Partner with Us

As an incorporated not-for-profit association, run entirely by volunteers, WACAN relies on the generosity of selected partners (and our members!) to continue the growth of our CAN and the services it can offer.

Partnering with WACAN enables your organisation to connect with major influencers in the Western Australian technical community, increasing the awareness of your brand and any associated products or services.

Some recent partnerships have included the provision of hardware for new Access Point or Transit Nodes, reduced pricing for purchases by WACAN members, or training seminars and educational experiences. Such activities generated benefits for both the WACAN community (by contributing to the growth of the CAN) and the partnering organisation (through access to and engagement of the WACAN member base).

WACAN also welcomes partnerships from like-minded, non-profit organisations that are committed to promoting a shared vision for community wireless networks. We offer mutually beneficial partnership arrangements, which include the linking of other CANs around the world via a VPN as well as reciprocal hosting and interconnection of shared services.

If you’d like discuss partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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